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Blind Spot Detection System #BSDS-003016

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Quick Overview

A Basic Aftermarket Blind Spot Detection System!

  • Installs in virtually any modern vehicle using a 12v electrical system. 

  • Includes everything needed to get installed and working

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Special Holiday Season Pricing!
  • An Aftermarket Blind Spot Detection System includes 2 sensors which can detect any objects in the most common blind spot areas.
  • This extra sensitive kit is NOT recommended for the average driver looking for blind spot detection of vehicles. Please see our BSDS-003016p Premium unit instead.
  • Will alert the driver anytime any type of object is detected by either sensor (including curbs, walls, posts and other objects)
  • This unit is limited to a maximum range of approx. 10 feet per sensor. 
  • Uses reliable, Sonar technology with detection in less than 120ms.
  • Installs in virtually any modern vehicle using a 12v electrical system.
  • Includes everything needed to get installed and working 
    • Main Controller Unit 
    • Two Rear Bumper Sensors (paintable***)
    • Two LED indicators (for installation inside of vehicle) 
    • One Alarm unit (for audible warning of a vehicle in your blind spot) 
    • A complete wiring harness for plug and play installation (some wiring connections are required)
    • Includes a custom, exact size Hole-Saw for drilling in to your vehicles bumper
  • Check out our video overview for more details:
    • Ships from our own Los Angeles area warehouse. 
    • Actual product packing may vary 
    • Professional Installation required
    • 12 months warranty included for controller unit (excludes sensors, wiring and issues arising from installation). Professional installation and proof is required for warranty coverage to apply.
    • Maximum Detection Range: 10' feet (when on 'normal' mode, less when on 'low' mode)
    • IMPORTANT : GOSHERS kits are designed for a professional installation by a local car stereo installer or fabrication shop. We are not responsible for any damage to your vehicle either during the installation or use of the product. Please note that this kit requires drilling in to your vehicle's exterior/bumper covers. Please also note that product design and packaging may vary slightly. These changes do not affect the function or performance of the GOSHERS kit. Installation of sensors in to certain all metal bumpers can sometimes falsely trigger the sensors. We recommend to only install sensors in rubber/plastic bumper covers to avoid functional issues. 
    • False Detections can occur with certain dense objects. For example certain posts, objects, medians and trees can sometimes trigger the sensors as well. To minimize false detections, check out GOSHERS Premium BSDS-003016p kit, which includes 4 sensors and an advanced controller algorithm to avoid false detections. Click here for more information!
    • *** Painting of the sensors should be done with caution. A single thin coat of base color and clear coat are recommended, only if required. Certain paints and/or multiple coats will affect performance and possibly delay detections and/or cause false detections. 
    • During certain slowing / stopping manuevers, the blind spot system can produce some false alerts. This is normal. Blind spot systems should never be used at slowing or stopped speeds.

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